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Direct discovery use metric field as dimension in chart

I have a direct query with a Dimension field that associates to the in-memory data and a Measure field with realtime data that should be populated from an external database. The principle idea is working out fine, but I run into trouble when I try to visualize the realtime data nicely. It seems that I can not use the direct-discovery-measure field as the dimension of a graph (thats not totally unexpected considering this is explicitly not a dimension in the direct discovery query however, that would be the preferred way of visualization. I, for instance, want a bar chart where the set of bars is defined by the measure field.

So my question is: is this possible using Direct Discovery? If not, how else should best approach this problem? Is there some kind of workaround?


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Re: Direct discovery use metric field as dimension in chart

Instead of defining the measure field under Measure section of Direct Query, please define it as Dimension. Then you can use it as Dimension as well as a measure.

for example:









From Table1;

Here Quantity is defined as dimension.

Hope helps.

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Re: Direct discovery use metric field as dimension in chart

Thanks fro your reply but I'm afraid that is not going to work. From the documentation:

A Dimension field can be thought of as a regular in memory field, all of the data and metadata is

loaded into QlikView and the field is available to be used for associating the Direct table to other in

memory tables. All dimension fields are defined after the DIMENSION keyword within the script and

precedes the measures.

The dimension field is used for associating so it should already be in the datamodel. Is there any other way to use a direct discovery measure as a dimension in a chart?

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Re: Direct discovery use metric field as dimension in chart


take this approach:

make all your dimensions inline inside the qvw.

Test it and then tell me if it works.

Don´t forget to read well and carefully:

QlikView 11 2 Direct Discovery Technical Addendum 11.2 SR7.pdf

Hope it helps

André Gomes

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