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Direct discovery

I am exploring doing direct discovery for one of the scenarios we have. We have a table in the database which is of size 20gig. The table is never going to be changed. But if we were to build a qvd layer, we will have to earmark 20gig in the QV server which for whatever reason is not being supported.

I have a few questions here.

1. When i look the syntax, it has a DIMENSION keyword in it. But what i am going to bring into Qlikview is a transaction table. In other words a flattened table that contains both dimension and measures, so not sure what this DIMENSION keyword is.

2. Another question is about the performance. When does QV execute the statement? Only when we navigate to the tab that contains direct discovery data or during the load time itself?

3. By doing direct discovery, i would assume the size of my QVW would increase as all this is in memory. Please confirm.



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Re: Direct discovery

Follow this thread and go through the documents.

Direct Discovery_Demo_Adworks_11.2_SR5.qvw

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Re: Direct discovery


1. In direct discovery we can define Dimension As well as measure by using Dimension ,Measure Keyword.

  Dimension loaded into QV memory & Measure calculated on the fly

2. QV execute statement when u select any value from selections or navigation.

3. By doing DD QVW will not increase because only dimensions are loaded into QV memory.


Mukesh Chaudhari

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