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Display 1000 records at time using pagination

I have the following requirement

I have tio dispaly a detail table which has 4 dinms and around 35 expressions.

Currently my dashboard has around 11 million rows.So in order to limit the number of displayed in the details table (straight table) I have used a calculation condition in the st table.So the user is forced to pick a year and a month ( helps me the limit the number of rows displayed to around 50 to 60 k). Which is still a big number.The users plan to export the results to excel( which makes the problem  worse,because the amount of bandwidth used when 10 or more users decide to export 50 k rows concurrently)

I feel pagination is the solution to this problem ,I found a number of articles on this (see below)

1) Paging Implementation for Straight table

2) YA(H)Q Blog: Paged charts in Qlikview

3) qlikview pagination | BI Experience

I tried implementing the above solution,but the dashboard runs aout of memory.

My ideal soultion would be something like this:

1) Currently I'm using a calculation condition in the straight table ( which asks the user to select year and month)



GetSelectedCount([Year]) =1 and GetSelectedCount([Month]) =1 ) OR GetSelectedCount(Part_Nbr) OR GetSelectedCount([Customer_Nber]) OR GetSelectedCount([Vendor_Number]) OR GetSelectedCount([Do_Number]) OR(GetSelectedCount([Aircraft_Code]) AND GetSelectedCount([ Srl_Number]))

The downside of this approach is the user is forced to select the dims that are specified in the calculation condition.

I want the user to  be able to select any dimension  from the available filters (The table shouldn't display anything till user makes a selelction).

Only first 1000 rows should be displayed ,when the selection is make ( for some reason  I'm getting more than 1000 rows in the first page when I try to implelent pagination ),then the user can go to next 1000 rows by clicking on the next button .

Any ideas ?

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Re: Display 1000 records at time using pagination

In short want to display 1000 rows at a time with pagination implemented.

user must be able to select any filter i.e. I want to integrate that logic in the calculation condition where user can pick any filter.

The table shouldn't display anything till a filter is selected