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Do I need a data island for this?

Hi All!

I have a table with the fields:

Customer Name

Invoice Date,

Due Date,

Payment Date,


I need to create an object - Line chart - where I plot the total amount on a given date X (on x-axis) with these rules:

Invoice Date < X

Due Date < (X-30 days)

Payment Date < X then Exclude from calculation.

If the amount per customer is < 3000 Exclude from calculation

Do I need to create a data island for the date X dimension to do this? Do you have any suggestions how to solve this? Is a data island the only solution?

Any suggestion is appreciated. Tahnk you



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Re: Do I need a data island for this?

I guess, data island is not an essential. create sample qvw with sample data and explain your expected output there, would get answer fast.

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Re: Do I need a data island for this?


My question is really how to use a date dimension that is not connected to the dates in the table with invoice info.

If I have a date island and use it as a dimension in a line chart I would like my expression to be something like this.


Here I want the output to be the sum of all invoice amount on invoices that are older than the calender island date.

This doesnt work and I dont know if im doing it right. Also, I would like to know if there are other ways to do this.