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Do section access changes impact unrelated listbox properties?


  • An existing document has had listboxes with "Always One Selected Value" selected in the General tab. 
  • There are triggers to ensure the correct values are selected in those listboxes upon opening the document. 
  • Recently, Section Access started to be applied using one set of NT groups, then reapplied with a different set of NT groups.  The Section Access only maps NT groups to data availability to roles within a dashboard, but does not address access to specific objects.
  • QV Version = 11.2 SR6


After running on publisher with the new "version" of section access, the "Always One Selected Value" property within the listboxes lose their enablement (are no longer checked).  This seems to be correlated with the new Section Access groups we added.  This behavior, however, was not limited to one group but to the kernel QV app itself. 


I see in the 11.2 SR6 release notes that there was an issue "Bookmark with Select in Field Trigger Overrides Always One Selected Value", which tells me that this setting can be overridden in some cases.   Has anyone else run into this odd behavior upon applying Section Access?  If so, was it relating to workflow issues or is this a potential bug? 

Thanks in advance!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Do section access changes impact unrelated listbox properties?

It's a quasi default-behaviour that in a section access secured application after a opening all selections are removed (I have this always) and I think this conflicts these the listbox-settings which will be disabled, too. If you could use macros you could set this option again. If not I don't know to handle it unless you make sure that your other from this setting depending objects/calculations react directly per conditions on visibilty and/or calculations on these field-selections:

getselectedcount(field) = 1

- Marcus

Contributor III
Contributor III

Re: Do section access changes impact unrelated listbox properties?

How did you solve it Steve I got the same problem .Please share


Re: Do section access changes impact unrelated listbox properties?

Hi, I would like to know is there any way to apply section access so that some objects like KPI values should not be effected.

Ex: Country, name

India, Karthi

US, James

US, Greg

UK, John

AUS, Tim

will apply SA, so that end user will be able to see only US, but count(name) = 5 always and I dont want to Pre-calculate it.

Please suggest me in above case.