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Document Cals....!


What is Use of number CALs allocated to this Document.???


Thank in Advance...!

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Re: Document Cals....!


Here is the answer you can get from help section;

  • Document CALs Allocated to this Document, meaning the number of document CALs allocated to the current document.

Number of CALs Allocated to this Document

The number of document CALs that should be allocated to the current document. By default, this value is set to '0' (zero). To change the value, enter the desired value in this text box. To reset the value to zero again, enter '0' (zero) in the text box.


In other words ,if a user have named cal license then through name cal that user  have access to open more than one document.and if a user have Doc cal license then through doc cal that user will have access to open only one document.

Hope this clarify your doubt..