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Document Chaining and Navigation


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I have currently built a very large dashboard containing lots of data and reload time of around 40mins.

I have one page in particular that is quite content heavy. I have started looking into the possibility of using some sort of document chain to speed up loading this page.

However my qvw is built in such a way that  I have text objects lining the top that link you different sheets (essentially buttons but i prefer to use an object with an action). Therefore any qvw in the document chain will need to be able to link back to multiple different sheets.

Is it possible to have the open qlikview document action link to this qvw sheet and then have an action that will bring you back to the original qvw but conform to the originals navigation path.

i.e if they select a top object, (text object with action) called P&L they will be brought to a P&L sheet in the original or if they select Balance Sheet from the top objects they will be brought to the Balance Sheet page in my original qvw?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Can any one reply for the above query please