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Document Chaining with call to a template QVW


I want to create a template QVW with buttons for different smaller QVWs. The template of the smaller QVWs should look exactly similar to the template QVW so that a user can switch from this QVW to any other QVW. Is it possible to have this template QVW called by smaller QVWs but at the same time retaining the dashboard design of smaller QVWs?

The reason why I am trying to do this is I dont want to create the template part in each of my smaller QVWs. We have over 30 different smaller QVWs(related to different subject areas) and we want them embedded in one one master QVW. I tried to use document triggers in smaller QVWs but it just loads the template qvws and I loose the dashaboard design of the smaller QVWs


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Re: Document Chaining with call to a template QVW

If there is a way to copy the objects in the template QVW to the individual smaller QVWs while reload, I think that might do the trick. May be a macro is required?