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Drill Down Dimension as Variable

2 Part Query:

i have a chart, whose dimensions are controlled by setting the variable in 'v_Grouping' to the corresponding field to be grouped by. I have also inserted this variable name in my chart, and it changes based on which of the buttons is selected.

1. i would want to have just one button there for 'ORG LEVEL', so instead of the current buttons listed, it would "ORG LEVEL, BAL1, Client Specific...".

When "ORG LEVEL" is selected, the chart should start off grouped by 'Org Level 3', and when i select a field from the chart, it should drill down to through the various Org levels: Org Level 3, Org level 4, Org level 5...Org level 9.

2. if drilled down in 'ORG LEVEL', i want to be able to switch the dimension grouping to display a different group while not disturbing the current drill down filters.

For example, if in 'ORG LEVEL' button selection,i start at Org Level3, drill down to Org level 4 and  i drill down to Org Level 5. i want to switch my dimension now from 'ORG LEVEL' selection, to "BAL1", but not to lose the Org level 3 and Org level 3 selections that were previously made.

i know it's a little confusing. i have attached my Qlik App to this and also pictures of the expectation. Doubt the 2nd query is possible but just thought i'd see.

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Re: Drill Down Dimension as Variable

Not sure whether I understand this correctly are you expecting to keep the selection in the drilldown along with showing another dimension ? . If that's the case just show hide the first dimension when Org level is selected and show both the dimension when another dimension along with org is selected