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Drill Down Group 'Stutter'

Hi everyone,

I am not sure this is possible, but here's what I'm looking to do.

I have a drill-down group set up to drill through a hierarchy.  Let's say the hierarchy looks like this:

  • Level 1
    • Category A
      • Sub-Category 1
      • Sub-Category 2
    • Category B
  • Level 2
    • Category C
    • Category D

The drill-down works as it should, so when I select Level 1 it drills down to show Category A and Category B.

What I would like, if at all possible, is for the drill-down to stutter.   What I mean by that is that when I select Category A the drill-down doesn't actually drill-down, rather it 'stutters' and still shows Category A.   On the next click it would then drill and show Sub-Category 1 and Sub-Category 2.   Essentially I'm looking for a way for the user to first focus on the category, then drill-down if he/she chooses.   I understand this isn't how drill-downs technically work but would love to hear if anyone thinks it is possible.



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Re: Drill Down Group 'Stutter'

Maybe a hierarchy mode list box would provide something more along the lines of what you are looking for?

Are you suggesting that you would like the use to have to click twice on a value to drill into it?  The first time selecting the value and the second time drilling into another level of detail?  If this is what you want its not really possible with a drill-down group.  This would require an extension object or some other fancy non-standard trickery.

If the issue is solely what the user is focused on, then perhaps you could build a calculated dimension that is always the last drill-down selected field?  Then using a container allow the user to switch between viewing the list box and charts with only the selected view or switch to a view where they can see the next level of detail down via the normal drop-down.

Just some thoughts, hope they are helpful.