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Drilldown dimension

Hi There,

I've gotten stuck on something and I'm hoping someone will be able to assist.  I have a dataset that looks a little bit like the below.  You have e.g. Consultant_Helpful and All_Staff_Helpful ratings, and then an overall Helpfulness rating which is the average of Consultant_Helpful and All_Staff_Helpful.

The requirement is a chart with a drilldown.  So they want to see the average scores for "Helpfulness," and "Attentiveness" but then they want to be able to click on e.g. "Helpfulness" and drill down into the average component scores (i.e. "Consultant_Helpful" and All_Staff_Helpful).  Is there anything I can do in the load script to facilitate this?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Drilldown dimension

For that you need to remodel the data to something like this:

ID, Category, Item, Score

1, Helpfulness, Consultant_Helpful, 8

1, Helpfulness, All_Staff_Helpful, 7

1, Attentiveness, Consultant_Attentive, 9

1, Attentiveness, All_Staff_Attentive, 8

See attached qvw for an example.

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