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Duplicates identical tables


I have a strange problem -

While I'm expecting of qlikview to automaticly concatenate the table creation that resides inside a loop it does NOT and just duplicates the tables.

Attaching is a screenshot of the loop and the tables schema.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Duplicates identical tables

Create the table as an empty stub before the loop and then within the loop force the Concatenate().

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Re: Duplicates identical tables

all right.

Thanks, I'll try that later on.

BTW - do you know WHY does this happen?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Duplicates identical tables

After the first right join, the table now has additional columns. The net Load loads only two fields so will not autoconcatenate. Do as Bill suggest, create a dummy table and force concatenate.

Re: Duplicates identical tables

Didn't see that one, thanks Rob.

Would it work if the script file first assembles the new segment and then performs a load that could autoconcatenate, like in:

FOR i = 1 to 28

  LET ...;

  LET ...;


  LOAD Account_id RESIDENT Accounts;


  LOAD Account_id,

       Month(...) AS Month,


  RESIDENT solar_ffield

  WHERE ...

  GROUP BY ...;

  Lost_InstallersXX: // Will AUTOCONCATENATE?

  LOAD * RESIDENT TempInstallerXX;

  DROP Table TempInstallersXX;


[Edit] Sorry, I thought I got a very simple version that does the same, only to realise that I can't get my head around the LOAD/RIGHT JOIN logic. What is it's purpose? It won't reduce the data loaded from solar_field.



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Re: Duplicates identical tables

Hi Rob

I didn't understand your sentence of - " The net Load loads only two fields "

what is a net load?