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Dynamic Calender object

How can I use same calender object for 2 different dates.

I have to provide user to select date type of his choice. If user selects Birthdate then table should get the values where Employees date of birth < selected date. If user selects the joining date then table should have values where employee joining date < selected date.

Basically what I require is same calender object for two diferent dates with Expressions usage.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

It's far easier to use two calendar objects and show/hide them as needed. If you want to do things the hard way create an inline table:


load * inline [


date of birth

joining date];

Then add a listbox for DateField. Select one value and the enable the option Always One Selected Value. In then calendar object you can now use an expression =[$(=DateField)] instead of a fixed date field.

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Thanx for your response.

I guess my requirement cannot be acheived by using two calender objects with hide/show.

in detail:

Actual java UI is like this-

     Radio botton for Birthdate/joining date

     Two calender objects - start date & end date

     User selects Birthdate and gives a start date and end date.

Result is: All the employees between those 2 birthdates irrespective of Joining date.

Similarly for the Joining date selection.

How can I replicate this in Qlik?

Unfortunately 'Always one selected value' for listbox is disabled in my version of Qlik.

Help needed..Thanks

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Adding to the above thing..

I need result in a chart or table