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Dynamic Min/Max

Hello World,

I have a chart with buttons that switch months. Each month shows results 120 prior to the month shown. Since some months have extremes it can make the chart hard to read. I want to have the chart scale to which ever period the user is looking at. So far I have tried this and other variations:


(Rangesum(Above(sum({ <  DRR_CO  = {'>=$(=num(vSDate)) <=$(=num(vEndDdate))'}, BookDateDRR=  >} DRR_PAX_COUNT_HOTEL ) ,0, vMovingAverage)))/

Rangesum(Above(sum({ < DRR_CO  = {'>=$(=num(vSDate)) <=$(=num(vEndDdate))'}, BookDateDRR=  >} DRR_PAX_COUNT_SS)  ,0, vMovingAverage))

,BookDateDRR ))

When I run this it returns 0.

Any help would be super awesome!


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Re: Dynamic Min/Max

Can you attach your sample file. Also have you tried unchecking 'Forced 0' option.