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Dynamic Reload

Hi ,

I have an requirement like, I need to load a file from folder . But I don't know when the fill will place in to the folder the movement file is placed/available in the folder my scheduler/Batch file should run automatically.

Can any one suggest on this is there any approach to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance.


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Re: Dynamic Reload

You can use an EDX trigger to let the external system that place the file in the folder start the reload task:

Using EDX in QlikView 11

Alternatively, create a check in your script if the file has arrived, if yes, proceed with the script, if not exit script.

Use a frequent or continuous reload schedule for that script.


Re: Dynamic Reload

As per my knowledge, until the file is available you will not be able to schedule the task on top of that !!! we don't have that feature ...

you can try writing your own script to check the availability of the file and trigger the reload