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Dynamic table population


I have a FACT table with several fields and a second table that is read from an excel file.

My second table contains an operator and a value fields. I would like to compare it with the values from FACT (field by field) and generate a third table with ALL the possibilities.

I attach a qvw for better understanding

Thanks in advance!

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In your load script you'll probably need to extract from your second table the operators and values into variables and then use them to either create your required table in the script or to create expressions in objects in your dashboard.

It seems like a pretty obtuse requirement though.  You may well get a better reply if you elaborate on why this requirement exists and what is the end result you are trying to achieve [by that I mean what will the person who gets the information will then do with it].

Best Regards,     Bill

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Thanks Bill,

I updated the qvw file.

The main idea is to generate a third table containing all the possibilities. Then, create a concatenate key (F1, F2, F3) and store it into a variable. Also, I will store the value from "Line".

Afterwards,I will use pick and wildmatch function to compare varConcat with a concatenate key created in FACT. Like pick(wildmatch(Field 1&'|'&Field 2&'|'&Field 3, varConcat) varLine). My output will be the number of line.