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Dynamic update QVW with data from QVD


I have a very large QVW file that loads once a day. Since this is the most used QVW file in the company I want to put in it some data that refreshes hourly, data that doesn't mess with that data that loads once a day.

For the hourly data I've created a QVD file that reloads every hour. How do I add/update the data from the QVD into the QVW without reloading the entire file?

QVD - hourly

QVW - daily

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Creator II
Creator II

You could execute a partial reload if you don't want to have this automatically reload from the QMC

Here's a previous forum discussing it:

What is meant by partial reload? What is its use? Please explain!

Otherwise, use the QMC and set up a task where your QVW reloads off a successful completion of the QVD generator.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Partial reload is one option. Depending on your script logic, it may be more or less difficult to implement. However, the performance of partial reload can be flaky, and it's been frowned upon by R&D for quite some time.

A better alternative might be loading your "old" document using a Binary load (which is very fast, even for large documents) and then adding new data from the new QVD file. In order to enable this logic, your QVD file should be formatted exactly the same way as the Fact table inside your QVW. It means that no additional data modelling logic is necessary after loading the QVD. You will also need to ensure that the dimensional data is all there - meaning that you don't need to load new customers, new items, etc.. because of the new slice of data that you are adding hourly.


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