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Dynamic update -- To insert data directly to database

Hi Friends,

I want to insert data into SQL database directly when I click a button in QlikView. Is it possible to do using dynamic update?


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The Dynamic Update feature of QlikView will not do any update to any SQL databases. It only updates the in-memory data of the running application.

However - depending on your or your organisations skill-set - and your "budget" (in man-hours) you can achieve updates from the UI of QlikView into SQL databases.

One solution is using bWise's free QlikMarket extension. You can always roll your own if you have the time and the skillset. A button in QlikView can open a URL which could contain some data by using GET requests - that way an external (seen from QlikView) database can be updated. An alternative is to use a button that does a server-side export using a tiny VBScript-.macro which will work perfectly well on a QlikView server and through the AccessPoint. However here you will also need to do the plumming yourself by picking up the exported "file" from the server and trigger some program to insert the data safely into a SQL database.

The closest to a turn-key solution is what bWise and possibly other third-parties provide for free or for money.