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Dynamically Apply Bookmark


I have two sheets in my application file.

On navigating from one sheet to another sheet, am clearing all selections on sheet1 and moving to sheet2.

When i come back, i should be able to see all the selections done on sheet1, when i move from sheet2 to sheet1.

How we can achieve this using bookmark?

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Re: Dynamically Apply Bookmark

Add a Replace Bookmark action the the OnLeaveSheet trigger of sheet1 to store the current selections. And also add an Activate Bookmark action to the OnActivateSheet trigger of sheet1 to restore the selections from the bookmark. Use the same bookmark id for both these actions. You can add a Clear All action to the OnActivateSheet trigger of sheet2 (or add it after the Replace Bookmark action to the OnLeaveSheet trigger of sheet1). See here for an example.

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Re: Dynamically Apply Bookmark

Do i need to create that bookmark in the document first and then use that ID in the trigger?

or it will create when we write triggers?

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