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Electricity Usage -


I have a variable electr_usage which shows the last exported meter figure of my electricity module.

Thus the variable accumulates every day.

I want a graph which shows the evolution of my usage per day.

So I need to take the current meter figure - the meter figure the day before.

I tried set analysis functions, but can't seem to get this working.

Can anyone else give it a try please?

I've attached a testfile...

Many Thanks!


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Electricity Usage -

Epression like:

electr_usage - above(electr_usage)


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Re: Electricity Usage -

Hi Stephen,

thanks for the reply.

but I guess this formula will only work when I have only 1 meter.

However, I have 30 meters.

So when analysing the meter usage of meter 30 it will probably do usage 30 - usage 29 instead of usage 30 today - usage 30 the day before....

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Re: Electricity Usage -

The function is helpfull when unchecking the "allow interactive sort" of your chart.

It helps me out a bit,

however, I still don"t have all the flexibility in drawing my charts as I am used to.

Thanks a lot for the help though!