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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview


Is it possible to embed Google Earth plugin in a Qlikview sheet with interactive capabilities? Has it ever been done?

Or should I stop my search and find another solution?

Thank you.

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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview

I do not think it is possible in version 9, but it may be possible in version 10 with a specific extension. You can also have a look at GeoQlik (http://www.geoqlik.com), it is an application which adds maps objects to QlikView and allows to visualize the data of your document on thematic maps.

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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview

It is possible - i was on a meeting that somebody presented QlikView and he showed mapping addressess through Google API and display locations in QlikView object using Google maps. He also was drawing grid chart on this map and complete object was interactive - you could zoom in/out the map, click on different points and get details in another table. Looked awesome. Don't know (yet) how he did this.

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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview

tkossak1: are you talking about the Qonnections 2010 presentation of the new extension feature brought by QlikView 10 or is it something else?

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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview

I have tried to embed google earth into QlikView 10 by using extension. But I always got a script error when I call "google.load("earth", "1");". It told me that I haven't permission. I'm sure that I get script from jsapi with my google key (this key is registered for http://qlikview domain), because I can print all these scripts on the display area of my extesion object. The only problem is I always get a no permission error everytime when I "call google.load("earth", "1");". I have ajusted the security level to low in my IE, and I also added http://qlikview to my trusted host list. But they are useless. Bellows are my script.js.

function GetHttpRequest()
if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
return new XMLHttpRequest();
else if (window.ActiveXObject) {// IE
return new ActiveXObject("MsXml2.XmlHttp");

function AjaxPage(qvthis, sId, url){
var oXmlHttp = GetHttpRequest();
oXmlHttp.open('GET', url, false); //I use sync method to get script from google
IncludeJS(sId, url, oXmlHttp.responseText);

function IncludeJS(sId, fileUrl, source) {

if ( ( source != null ) && ( !document.getElementById( sId ) ) ) {
var oHead = document.getElementsByTagName('HEAD').item(0);
var oScript = document.createElement( "script" );

oScript.language = "javascript";
oScript.type = "text/javascript";
oScript.id = sId;
oScript.defer = true;
oScript.text = source;

var ge;

function init() {
google.earth.createInstance('map3d', initCB, failureCB);

function initCB(instance) {
ge = instance;

function failureCB(errorCode) {

Qva.AddExtension('my_extension', function() {

AjaxPage(this, "srcGoogle", "http://www.google.com/jsapi?key=ABQIAAAASeaR12XUmPe42VklIKQwjxT3nIufXsxqpCtbYSMTwB2azlCoNBRtK4U1XZ-l...");
google.load("earth", "1");
this.Element.innerHTML = "<div id=\"map3d\" style=\"height: 400px; width: 600px;\"></div>";
}, true);

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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview


I am attempting to do something very similar with Google Charts to what you are attempting to do with the Jscript posted abve. When I use your code as a starting point though I get no result at all; there's no error, but there's no image either.

I see that this post was made in January, have you made any further progress? Does anyone have any further advice or recommendations for using google charts/maps in extensions? I am particular interested in seeing a proof of concept for getting a chart or map into Qlikview using extesions.



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Embedding Google Earth plugin in Qlikview

Can you attach your qvw? I'm interested in this subject