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Empty space when dashboard viewed on Access point

Hi All,

I've deployed my application and when I view it on Access point, it's looking kind of squeezed; Empty Area you can see in the below screenshot.

Can anyone help me on this why i am getting this and how it can be fixed? Thanks

sample sheet.png


Zain Shaikh

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Empty space when dashboard viewed on Access point

The reason will be that the screen-resolution from the developement-machine is different to your machine and therefore you will get the empty areas. You could use the zoom-settings to make your output bigger whereby you will get quite unhandy scroll-bars with it.

It couldn't be fixed in a way that all users with probably quite a lot of different monitors wouldn't have such empty spaces and/or too big/small objects and/or scroll-bars and everyone is happy - it's always a compromise.

Even with Qlik Sense which supports responsive design and which could therefore adapt the objects to the screen you will need a modicum of compromise because just filling the screen doesn't mean that's always sensible from a logical and usability point of view.

- Marcus

Re: Empty space when dashboard viewed on Access point

This because your application is developed for specific resolution on server and the application which you are viewing on your machine (accesspoint) has different resolution. Try to change your machine's resolution as per the application resolution