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Error: Database connection failed with RedShift ODBCPostgreSQL30

Hi All,

I am using the Direct Discovery feature of QlikView and to be very frank it has hell lot of issues associated with it. Recently I faced an issue where in QlikView application throws an error saying : Error: Database Connection Failed when ever it is idle for sometime

This Issue gets fixed the moment I reload the file as doing so triggers the Connect statement( ODBC Connect to PostgreSQL30;

It is not possible to refresh the file on production server every now and then

Has anyone faced the similar issue , any help will be highly appreciated

swuehl swuehl, John, Miguel, Rob, Kaushik, Erich, Karl, Michael, Oleg

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Re: Error: Database connection failed with RedShift ODBCPostgreSQL30


please first try with little data like 5000 rows...

then increase.

Dont't forget to make the right indexes in the database.

And of course use all the pdf's available.


André Gomes

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