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Excel replication

Hi everyone.

I am able to replicate an excel file into QlikView in the similar format until a point.

I have now since gotten stuck because in excel, formulas also occur on different rows. Whatever I do in Qlikview as far as expressions is concerned creates new columns but does not traverse columns and put back the results into the same column. Therefore using above and below did not help me very much as they are expression based, thus adding in a new column which I do not want. As en example (very simplified case), I would like Qliview to sum rows 1, 3 and 5 and put the result into row 6.

I do not want to get this done in the back end as the excel file has far too many calculations and the different date periods regarding what to do and will thus become way too complicated, if at all achievable with peeks etc.

Are there any such offering in QlikView to help me solve my problem?

Thank you.

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