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Contributor II

Excluding a field from a bookmark


I've a scenario whereby a user needs to save many bookmarks, which other international users will then access. The application has a field which defines the language that the user sees the rest of the application in, this is set using a listbox that has always has one selection.

At the moment if a bookmark is created by someone who has the language English selected, then another user with German will revert to English when then choose that bookmark, which when you are viewing many bookmarks in succession is a pain.

We were wondering if it was possible to create a bookmark, but exclude the selection in the language field, so that when it's opened the user's language won't be changed. I know you can exclude variables from a bookmark and so excluding a field seems like a natural progression.

If it's not possible, does anyone have any neat ideas to achieve this?


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Hi Darren,

I have a similar scenario where each tab has a different set of data triggered OnActivateSheet. The problem is when you create a bookmark in one sheet and then recall it on another. I would also need to exlude a field from the bookmarks.

Any solution for this?

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Would this maybe solve the issue in this thread about problems with bookmarks and objects with 'Always one selected',


If we could exclude the values from objects with 'always one selected' from the bookmark it might work as desired.