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Export manual task from QMC


I need to export manually intervened tasks from QMC,like administrator has manually aborted,distributed,runned,triggered tasks.

How can i do it?
rwunderlich Is it possible from QVPR Analysis application?

Thanks & Regards,

Prasad Mayekar

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Re: Export manual task from QMC

The QVPR only contains Task definitions (and various other QMC definitions), not the Task execution history. That part can be found in the DistributionService folder under TaskExecutionHistory and TaskResults.

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Re: Export manual task from QMC

So you want to report on where the Admin manually intervened? It's an interesting question. You could process the task logs. The first line of each Tasklog.txt will tell you something about how it was started.

"Triggered by 'ScheduleTrigger'"

"Triggered by 'ManualStartTrigger'"

Further on down the log for a manually aborted task you would see:

"Triggered by 'ManualAbortTrigger'"

I may have some code that would summarize this. I'll post if I get it working.