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Export to excel Error...

Hi All, 

When i try to export more than 100,000 rows to excel using IE-Plugin it works  fine for me.

But with Ajax i am able to export only 65,000.  When i try to export more thank this number i get the fallowing error(Please find Attachment)

Any help on this would be Appreciated. 


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Export to excel Error...

HI, Ganesh.

Do you get the error when you click on the XL icon or when you use a right click on the object and select export?

Maybe one of them can be an alternative for you.

I suggest you report this as a bug to QlikTech



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Export to excel Error...

Hi Erich,

i get this error when the do both actions,  when i click on the excel icon and when i right click and select export.

This occurs only with Ajax-Client.

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Export to excel Error...

The problem is that, as far as I know, in AJAX mode there is no way to tell QV to Send-To-Excel in XLSX format. It will always send to .XLS, which has a logical limit of 64K rows. Bummer Maybe QV Support knows of a way around this restriction, I'm not sure...