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Exporting to excel with high data with high volume


couple of users are having an issue in exporting data Excel with high volume

when they are exporting smaller data like up to 3 to 4K row it's working fine and coming in less than 1 minute, but beyond 3 to 4K data its not downloading to excel.

but for me and other users are exporting to more than 100K rows in 4 minutes.

what is causing in exporting big data i mean more rows.

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Re: Exporting to excel with high data with high volume


Are you using the IE Plugin client or the Ajax Client?

there is a bug in QV11 SR1 related to "slow exports to excel" that was supposedly corrected for SR2 so that might be a thing to check into (it was listed in the release notes).

The IE Plugin generates the export client side while the Ajax client triggers the server to generate the xls file in a folder on the server and then push the link to the client once done.

The spreadsheet is first created on the server and then moved to the client. However, this was not designed for large amount of data and the amount of data will vary based on your environment. You can add the below to the QVS settings.ini file to tell when to change over to CVS and that might help you..The default is 65500 and you would have to add it. I would set it low so it will start off as CVS..

[Settings 7]




Re: Exporting to excel with high data with high volume

Thankf for the reply, already i am using SR11.20 SR12 64 Bit, so its not the version problem

but i will ask my admins to add Server settings and test this change.

any one with any other advises.