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Creator II
Creator II

Expression in variables not working


I am creating a variable name  - IssueToFinalLT
Definition - 
=IF(([Final Date]-[Issue Date])<3,'< 3 Days',
IF(([Final Date]-[Issue Date])<5,'3 to < 5 Days',
IF(([Final Date]-[Issue Date])<8,'5 to < 8 Days',
IF(([Final Date]-[Issue Date])<15,'8 to < 15 Days','> 15 Days'))))

All my data is getting grouped under '> 15 Days', and i am not getting the error.

Please help
- Vikas

5 Replies

i think we cant tell anything without your data

we do not know whether the expression is reflecting the truth or it shows sth wrong (not as you expected)

Creator II
Creator II

Hi there,
I am attaching data excel for your reference.

Your expression looks OK if used within a suitably dimensioned table. Have you tested replacing the variable with the actual expression? Are they both valid numeric date values?

If either of the dates is null for that row, the expression will return >15 Days.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
Creator II
Creator II

Yes the date are valid dates and returns a numeric value if calculated individually.

but when used in variable, it returns with  >15 Days only
pleas find attached data file for the same


try removing the equal sign at the beginning of your variable expression