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Extension will not load after saving to cloud storage

Hello Qlik Community,

I have come across an interesting problem while using extensions. I am using the GGeoChart extension to create a heat map of the US. When viewing (in Web View) on my desk top, the app works great.


Since the app is working, I want to share it with my colleagues. To share it, I upload the file to a shared cloud repository on box.com. When I download the file (to my own desktop) from box.com and attempt to switch to web view, I am faced with these screen informing me web view is not available.


I found that the best way to resolve this issue is to close QlikView, open a blank QV file, switch to web view and then download the file again. This method is working for me, but not for my colleagues.

Has anybody else faced a similar issue? What is the best way to share documents that have extension objects?