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External Event detection on SharePoint (EDX)

Hi All,

     I'd like to know if it's possible to set up an automatic reload based on an External Event which would be an excel file dropped on sharepoint.

     The context is: I need to find a way to automate a process which is:

A person send a file by mail to another one and then this person reload a Qlikview application based on this file (and other sources).

   So there are two steps to change

- For the first one (Email), we have thought  that using sharepoint to let the user manage the file by him self would be a good idea (and give us the benefit of versionning etc...)

I did some tests using the UNC Path Name for loading data from file stored on Sharepoint and it seems to work.

- For the second step (automation) I don't really know what kind of event I can trigger on, to launch the reload. So If you could help on this.

BTW, maybe using sharepoint is not the best idea, so I you have others it could be great to.



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