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FTP based on Date in QlikView

Hi All,

I am Facing lot of Issue with FTP in Qlik View

-We have Source Folder Where clients will Move CSV Files Daily(20170310,20170309) and monthly once (201702).....

-Destinatiion Folder (Live Folder )  Here we are taking Previous Month Montly Files and Current Month Daily Files .

Actuvally i am Doing Manually that Once month File  is Added  in Source then i need to Move Daily Files from live folder to Source and i need to Get Montl File to live Live Folder .

How is it Possible .

Please Help me out of this .


Thanks and regards ,


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MVP & Luminary

Re: FTP based on Date in QlikView

This isn't really related to qlik else to file-operations within the file-system whereby it's more difficult within ftp than in a normal windows file-system because ftp doesn't support file-functions like filetime() or filesize().

Nevertheless you will need batch-files which creates the appropriate filenames and moves with them the files. Here: Re: For Each File in Filelist - FTP load is not working? is an example which isn't directly related to your task but I think it will give you some idea what I meant and here: https://www.google.de/search?q=batch+ftp+move+files you could get further informations about the topic.

- Marcus