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FTP problem with IE and QlikView


I’m trying to Access an FTP Server from QlikView. Before trying QlikView access I tried to do it with 2 browsers: IE and Chrome.

When accessing through IE, first I have to enter credentials (userid and password) and then I get this screen (I’ve erased the real name)



When I access through Chrome, I get this result, which is the one I want (I need to map the .xls files)



When I’m trying to access the FTP from QliKView, resembles IE’s behavior (the .rtf file appears instead of xls files)



In the print screen I’ve changed the user’s name, however the format is that one (name/name)


If I try to open that .rtf file I get this error:


Does anyone know what the problem is?


Thanks in advance for your help!!!



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Re: FTP problem with IE and QlikView

I would try to use either the free and open source CURL.EXE a command line utility that can do FTP and HTTP operations. It is extremely flexible and robust. You can start CURL from a QlikView Load Script by using the EXECUTE statement. You will have to allow the load script to run external programs.

You could also use regular FTP.exe in Windows - a command line utility that comes with Windows. And finally you could also use PowerShell - if you have the execution rights set correctly to execute PowerShell-scripts. The script is just a line or a few lines long.


Re: FTP problem with IE and QlikView

Dear Petter,

Thanks for your answer, I'll try the alternatives you suggest and let you know the results.

However, I don't understand why QlikView can't Access the FTP and "see" the files as shown in Chrome. If you have some explanation, I'd be glad to read it.

Thanks again and regards,



Re: FTP problem with IE and QlikView

I agree - but I guess that the FTP-support in QlikView hasn't been maintained much the last few years and it does not have a high priority from Qlik's side at the moment. FTP isn't always entirely straightforward so that is why sticking with some well-proven popular pure FTP-products is necessary if you get into problems with Qlik's simple approach.

So as I said: CURL is an option but I forgot to mention something else that might be even better because it has both a Windows UI and can be run from the command-line:




Both are free, open-source and well-proven.