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Few Additions in Already Build Application..Target Vs Actuals


The application is working vary nicely

but, few more things I am required in the same application so it will become more helpful...can you help in it..

1) Can I get Channel wise Target Vs Actuals in a graphs in a separate sheet say Dashboard...where I will select channels available i.e. like Banka, Alternate, Direct..etc. and then I will select the KPI's available and accordingly month wise graphs generate...I have tried it but I am not get any out-put...also in second graph or if possible in same graph..If I select Two or more channels and KPI's then comparative graphs get generate..

2) In earlier sheet their are Three more columns which I forgot to give i.e. Total Target, Total Actuals and Measures..what happened is when I execute the application Only Two additional columns are get exported i.e. Total Target at the last and Measures at the same position. But Total  Actual columns not get exported...also I want excel sheet should get exported in the same order of rows and columns..what I observed is Gross Premium is at the top but Net Premium moved down also Total columns are moved at the end...

3)  Can I also get the Actuals figs. highlighted in green if Actuals are grater than Target and if not then it is in Red.

4) In pivot how I can get the scrolling option, as Pivot is currently fettling to the screen because of more KPI's and I can not scroll to know the last KPI result.

for reference I am attaching a new excel(after including three additional columns) as well as Application...