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Fields in combination


I have two fields ([Developer Name] and [Responsible Person]) in one table.  The two fields might be different and they could be the same.  Now, I need a list field, that I can use to show me where either of the two fields is = to the selected value in the list field.

For example.  If I select "Bradley Isaacs" in the list field, then the table box/chart should display rows where [Developer Name] = "Bradley Isaacs" or [Responsible Person] = "Bradley Isaacs".



     [In BAU date],

     [Responsible Person],

     [Developer Name],

     [% Complete],



     [Task Group],

     [Task Logged date],

     SubField([Responsible Person], '(', 1) as Responsibleperson_SubField


(ooxml, embedded labels, table is [owssvr (1)]);

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Re: Fields in combination

You can solve the problem in the front end side so:

1) Create a chart (straight table) with the following dimension

if(GetFieldSelections( [Responsible Person])= [Responsible Person] or GetFieldSelections([Developer Name])=[Developer Name], [Developer Name], Null())

then check the box suppress null value

2) add an expression: write 1 for example as expression

let me know

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Re: Fields in combination

Thanks so much for your response Alessandro.  I've tried it, but it doesnt seem to be working.  Unless Im doing something wrong.

Wouldve attached the data file (xls), but not sure how to.