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Filter to not change the current selection


I have two objects in a container (contain data in tabular format in a chart box). Both are independent data sets containing reports of customers, sales rep and associated company 

SET A : all data for associated with customers and sales rep (indicating relationships)

SET B : all data associated with customers and company  (indicating relationships)

SET C (Master Set) : Data of all customers, sales rep and company. 

Now i have a column in both SET A and B stating if the relationship is partial/full year (0/1)

I have a toggle select (have created a button to make the selection to 1 'Only see full year')

Also there is a list box to select a sales rep and company from the SET C.

But in some cases when we select a company and a sales rep from the list box as a filter. There will be full year status in SET B  and no full year in SET A  so the container resets and ignores the sales rep selection and shows only the company. 

Is there a way to filter data and not change the current selections made by user?



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Re: Filter to not change the current selection

I would venture you need to attach a sample app on this given complexity, so folks can see the data model etc. and determine what the issue may be, but I expect the issue is related to the data model from what you are describing here, having things unconnected is likely what is causing the issue.  Sorry I am not more help.


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