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Find the Field and Value form string


I have a string, i.e -

In this string, following are the information / field are available like :


FT_KPI-EIC-MSIM-DL2CA-3.1.3.m/MobilityType:Mobility/RAT1:4G TDD/RAT2:4G FDD/TestedLocation:Ningbo/TestedSIM:SIM1/TestEnvironmentSim1:CMCC/TestEnvironmentSim2:CUC/RAT1Mode:Triple Mode (4G/TDS/2G)/RAT2Mode:Triple Mode (4G/3G/2G)
data- idle/MobilityType:Static/RAT1:2G/RAT2:4G FDD/TestedLocation:Beijing/TestEnvironmentSim1:CMCC/TestEnvironmentSim2:CUC/RAT1Mode:Single Mode/RAT2Mode:Triple Mode (4G/3G/2G)
DFT2070201/3GPPReleases:R12/RAT1:4G FDD/TestedLocation:Tokyo/TestedSIM:SIM1/TestEnvironmentSim1:NTT DCM/UpperTesterInterface:PCIe AT/RAT1Mode:Dual Mode (4G/3G)

1. Field name - V_Area and FT, data, DFT are value for filed V_Area.

2. Field name - MobilityType and Mobility, Static, In 3rd Row There is no value for filed MobilityType

3. Field name - RAT1 and 4G, 2G, 4G FDD are value for filed RAT1

4. Field name - RAT2 and 4G FDD is value for filed RAT2

5. Field name - TestedLocation and Ningbo, Beijing, Tokyo  is value for filed TestedLocation

6. Field name - TestedSIM and SIM1, 2nd Row no value for field TestedSIM but in 3rd Row there is value for Tested Sim, i.e. SIM1

7. Field name - TestEnvironmentSim1, i.e. Operator and CMCC, CMCC, NTT DCM are value for filed Operator

8. Field name - TestEnvironmentSim2, i.e. also Operator and CUC, 3rd Row there is no value for TestEnvironmentSim2

9. Field name - RAT1MODE, i.e RAT and Triple Mode (4G/TDS/2G), Single Mode,  Dual Mode (4G/3G) value for field RAT

10. Field name - RAT2MODE, i.e  also RAT and Triple Mode (4G/3G/2G), 3rd Row there is no value for RAT

So total in these string I have 8 Fields are available and these are V_Area, MobilityType, RAT1, RAT2, TestedLocation, TestedSIM, Operator, RAT

So can anyone help me to find the field and value accordingly.



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Re: Find the Field and Value form string

Qlik have lots of string functions (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/June2018/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Scripting/StringFunctions/string-f...), in your script u can use these to find and get values.

So you can use, for example, Subfield()  or TextBetween() function to get every field value.

Hope this will help)


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Re: Find the Field and Value form string

May be like this:



     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 1), ':', 2) as V_Area,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 2), ':', 2) as MobilityType,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 3), ':', 2) as RAT1,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 4), ':', 2) as RAT2,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 5), ':', 2) as TestedLocation,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 6), ':', 2) as TestedSIM,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 7), ':', 2) as Operator,

     SubField(SubField(Field1, '/', 8), ':', 2) as RAT;




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