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Firstsortedvalue error

Hi all,

I have requirement to get the TOP 3 products.  The data i got is as below:

Department    Category     Product      Runs  Type   Percent

Department B  Category 1  Product A  5           1      20%

Department B   Category 1  Product B  6           1    16.67%

Department B    Category 1 Product A  4            2    50%

Department B     Category 1 Product B  5         1      20%

Expected results is:

Department      Category      Runs    Type    Percent   TOP1 Product   Runs   Type  Percent     TOP2   Product Runs    Type   Percent

Department B    Category 1   20        5         25%         Product A          9          3       33.33%      Product B          11         2        18.18%

For getting the TOP1 Product i have written the code:

=FirstSortedValue(distinct Product, Num(Aggr(Rank( total sum(type) + sum(Percent),4),Department,Category)),1)

For getting the TOP1 Product Runs i have written the code:

=FirstSortedValue(distinct Run, Num(Aggr(Rank( total sum(type) + sum(Percent),4),Department,Category)),1)

I want to sum the Run for each product.

Please help me.

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