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Forecasting or Predicting Sales for next one Month or Year

Hi All,

I have a line chart with data.

I want to Predict the next one month Sales based on the Current Sales.

Can we do it in Qlikview ??

I want the Predictive data to be displayed in Dotted Lines

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Keerthi

Try Chart Properties => Axes => Forecast


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Please tell me in detail.

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from QlikView reference:

Backcast This function operates on trend lines. Enter into the text edit box how far back

you would like to estimate the trend line. The backcast portion of trend lines is displayed as dotted.

Forecast Enter into the text edit box how far you wish to predict the trend line. The forecast portion of trend lines is displayed as dotted.

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Can you send an example ??

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It's all up to trendline you want to use, but with linear trendline it would be something like in attached document

Creator III
Creator III


You want like following:


Create a variable vWhatIf and use it in slider

For slider use following setting


in expression use

1st expression:sum(sales)

2nd expression for forecast:(sum(sales* (1 + vWhatIf))


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As you told, you like to display predicted data on the chart. So, i thing trendline and forecast will not be good solution in your case. I think you should rather calculate your prediction in load script or in expressions, depending if your prediction algorithm depends less or more on user selections.