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Free Report or Export to Excel

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering are there any free reporting or exporting software for Qlik sense that are like nPrinting or Report Manager? Or are there free trials for them? I have tried a couple from qlik branch and they are not the greatest or simply do not work. I am just looking for free versions or trials as I explore qlik sense as a possible option for my company. I need to be able to export my sheet or multiple objects to EXCEL. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,

Liam Grover

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Re: Free Report or Export to Excel

May be this is one of the option other than Nprinting:

In the load script of your application you can have at the end STORE-statements that can store an in-memory table in a text (CSV)-file or a QVD-file. This in-memory table will not necessarily be like tables you create in the UI. That depends on what kind of calculations you do in your Qlik charts. For normal purposes you could do calculations and aggregations in the tables in the load script so you will get the desired results in the in-memory tables that you want to store in text or QVD-files.

STORE <table-name> INTO <a-file-name>.txt (txt);