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Freeze panes

Hi all,

Which is the best object for creating freeze panes ? I am using straight table but my selection functionality is not working properly.

For Ex:

id .   name .      country .     ship to

23    rob            us                23456

23    bob            ca               23456

24    jack           us                4560

here is what i am doing

i want freeze only 1st field so i have given that field in dimension and remaining fields in expression ,but when i am selecting 23456(ship to) it should show 2 rows right but it is just showing the row in which ship to is selected i.e means 1st row .

Can any one help to figure this out?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Freeze panes

Hello, I know this is coming a little too late.

The reason why you get only one row when you select from the the "Ship to" Column is because you have put it as a Measure. You need to add that as a Dimension & you will get the desired Result.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohan S. Desai.