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Generating PDF Report with parameterized JSON


We have a simple use case to be implemented using any of the Qlik tools (QlikView, QlikSense, NPrinting), the use case is as below:


1. A User logs into a Polymer UI and inserts some information into the Database

2. On click of a button, he wants to print a PDF report for the data he is authorized to see. That's it..!!

Now below are few things to be noted:

1. The PDF Report needs to be created in Qlik

2. The user specific data is available to Qlik using a JSON (called using REST API connector) having a query parameter for that user

3. SSO needs to be implemented between polymer and Qlik.

Challenge Faced:

We are able to implement SSO and PDF reports using Qlik, the 3 major challenges we are facing are -

1. It is a two step process. After the SSO, the control is passed to QlikView's portal where user needs to click on the print button.

We need to remove this extra step. (NOTE: The on open Print Trigger is not available after QlikView 11.2 SR9, and Macro is not preferred as they need it for AJAX client)

2. How can we reload the QlikView App (having JSON) for each user from the Polymer side. (NOTE: We have created a parameter batch file which can trigger a hosted QlikView App and pass username as parameter to it, but executing this batch from Polymer side is a problem)

3. How can we scale the solution for multiple concurrent users, as the application will have a JSON for only a single user.

We have tried out QlikView12, NPrinting and QlikSense tools, each have its own set of limitations.

Would appreciate your thoughts on the above.