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Generating .meta file when published a qvw document , without use te QMC

I have an inconvniente when wanting to apply licenses from the Qlikview API.
If I open the QMC and see the published documents, running the API call works OK and assigns
permissions because exists the .meta associated with the published document. The meta file is
created bay the console when includes the document in its published list.
Now, if I copy the .qvw document to the published directory and I do the API call to authorize,
it does not do anything because the .meta file does not yet exist.
Is there any way to generate the .meta file when publishing a document,
without visiaulizing the .qvw from the console?
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Re: Generating .meta file when published a qvw document , without use te QMC


The meta file is generated whenever a QVW is reloaded.  I don't know of any way to generate this file without completing a reload of the QVW.

The .meta file shares the following information concerning the QVW document:

  • Whether creation of server objects is allowed for this document and for which user
  • Availability information (With which client can the user open the QVW document, if download is allowed and session collaboration)
  • Performance information (Session timeout for the document)
  • Whether Audit logging is enabled for this document
  • On which node is the document available and is it preloaded.
  • Authorizations when DMS mode is used to control access rights.
  • The category the document belongs to
  • Attributes associated with the document

Hope this helps.



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