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Get Min/Max of a expression

Hello people,

I hope you can help me with a solution. I've been working over a week without a success result.

I am trying to show a pivot table with three dimensions and three expressions.

Dim: Country, City, Brand.

Exp: Total Sale, Minimum Sale, Maximun Sale.

I need to get a pivot table just like this



So far, I've got the max/min value in one cell of each group, but I need those values in all group cells.


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Re: Get Min/Max of a expression

I see two ways to solve this by epressions. Either by an aggr(nondistinct min()) or a min(total <>) .


Screenshot and script is from the attached qvw file. 


LOAD * inline [
Country, City, Brand, Sales
Norway, Trondheim, B1, 558
Norway, Trondheim, B2, 117
Sweden, Vimmerby, B1, 790
Sweden, Stockholm, B1, 747
Sweden, Stockholm, B2, 601
Sweden, Stockholm, B3, 554


Plees ekskuse my Swenglish and or Norweglish spelling misstakes

Re: Get Min/Max of a expression

The pivot table should do this easily.

Country, City and Brand as dimensions

Sum(Sale), Min(Sale), Max(Sale) as expressions

Expand Country and City columns

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Re: Get Min/Max of a expression

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