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Contributor III
Contributor III

Get data between two calendars used for min and max dates


I have two calendars, on the left is used for get the lower date and to the right another one used to get upper date.

I need to reload the table below with the data , which is enclosed between the selected two dates from both calendars.

If I reload one calendar, the other is reloaded too.

Here is a sample attached.

Is it possible also, when I change a value from the filter to receive the dates in calendar , which are connected with this value?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

I managed to create two variables: 

1.  vStartDateNumber : AGGR(MIN(Full_Date), Number)

2. vEndDateNumber : AGGR(MAX(Full_Date), Number)

This is done in order to have the min and max date for a Number.

In the left calendar I put in Data, Variable(s)  -> vStartDateNumber  and in the right calendar vEndDateNumber .

After some data selection these are turned into numbers.

My questions are :
Do I need to apply some formatting of the date (which is currently like 5/1/2016  12:00:00 AM) in order to have normal dates instead of numbers?
How can I have the selected time range in a X -axis of a chart? I created a cyclic group (Full_Date_Day, Full_Date_Week, Full_Date_Month, Full_Date_Year) with the date like:

YEAR(Full_Date) AS Full_Date_Year,
MONTH(Full_Date) AS Full_Date_Month,
WEEK(Full_Date) AS Full_Date_Week,
DAY(Full_Date) AS Full_Date_Day,
DATE#(MonthStart(Full_Date),'M/D/YYYY') AS StartMonth

In the chart these are always weeks from 1 to 53 no matter that years from 2016 to 2021 are selected, similar with the months I always have 12 no matter than 5 years are selected in the calendar...

Best Regards,
D. Petrov