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Group by Issues

I keep getting the below error when I try to group the month and year from a Salesforce.com table. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the scripting and what do I need to do to have it run correctly?

Aggregation expressions required by GROUP BY clause

Load *,
Account__c as AccountId,
Id as OrderId,
MONTH(Billing_Date__c) AS Month,
YEAR(Billing_Date__c) AS Year,
Order__c Group BY MONTH(Billing_Date__c) ,YEAR(Billing_Date__c) ;

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Group by Issues

i think the Group By function comes after the From clause.

and i didn't see any From clause

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Group by Issues


what mOngkz suggested might be the reason or SInce you are using Load * its including all the fields from that table and in group by clause you are mentioning only one fields Billing_Date.

As per my understanding of Group by if we are mentioning any fields in Load statement then it either should be there after the group by clause or its should have aggregate function.



Sum(Amount), Amount,

Sum(Price) as Price,



from table group by Product, Category;

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Group by Issues


Please refer the link it will help u in group by and having clause.


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Group by Issues


For a group by function to work you need to things.


You need an aggregation function, such as max(Date) or min(Value)  or Count(Item) etc as one of the loaded field.


You will be allowed to load only those fields, based on whom you are doing the group by.

In your case, it will be just

MONTH(Billing_Date__c) ,


Hope this helps,