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Grouped Bar Chart Sort Problem


I have a sort problem with a grouped bar chart in QlikView. It is for the number grades by year and have created a sort order field in the script so that A* is first, A is second, B is third  and so on.

The problem I have is when I add another dimension, in this case year, and it throws up an odd exception. See the image which shows E last when obviously it should be between D and F. I've tried various combinations in the Sort tab of the bar chart with no success. For information I use alt() around the Grade dimension as it was not sorting even more incorrectly without it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: Grouped Bar Chart Sort Problem

Fixed now. My expression for count of grades was using a variable to look at max selected year - 2 whereas my sort field was only looking at the current year so when there was no grades for the max year then the sort order added these to the end of the sort order. Simply added the max year -2 to the set and worked fine.