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Handle two dates from two tables

Hello everyone,

Here is my sample data sets

Expenditure Table


DateLocationExpenditure ItemExpenditure Figure (Naira) PERExpenditure Figure (Naira) YTD

Cash Call


DateLocationPartnerEquityPER NGNYTD NGN

The expenditure table shows the expenditure made on loca

In the above tables, to eliminate synthesis keys I used location and rename l date in cash call table to cashdate.

My questions are

1. Can I merge the two dates together while location is the primary key in this design?

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Re: Handle two dates from two tables

You have to use Canonical Dates please read the thread of the HIC

Canonical Date

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Re: Handle two dates from two tables

Hi Akpofure,

                         You can give your date fields different names and have two separate master calendars which is the simplest solution. However if you plan on charting Cash Calls and Expenditure together against a common date dimension then a canonical calendar is necessary.

Kind regards


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Re: Handle two dates from two tables

Hello sir,

Can you explain this script below:


LOAD *, 1 as OrderCounter INLINE [

OrderId, OrderDate, Quantity

1, 01/01/2012, 101

2, 01/01/2012, 102

3, 02/01/2012, 103

4, 03/01/2012, 104

5, 03/03/2012, 105

6, 03/04/2012, 106



I got it from this link : Linking to two or more dates