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Handling invalid values in the parameter URL when using document chaining

Hi All,

    I am using document chaining i.e. passing parameters to list box using a website which navigates me to Qlikview application on the accesspoint. Basically I am passing 4 parameters in the URL.

    Problem Statement-

When I pass all the four parameters using selections from the website, in case if any one of the value is not present in the application so my application should show a text object overlapping the whole sheet which should display a message as invalid data.

    Problem I am facing-

Even if the value is not present, the value that is present in the URL doesn't apply on list box and move to next paerameter, which causes end user to see the wrong set of data.

For eg-  I have four listboxes as LB01, LB02, LB03, LB04 and If I pass the value A,B,C & D respectively, which is correct set of the data.

So it should open the app.

Next if I pass select=LB01,A&select=LB02,B&select=LB03,X&select=LB04,D so it applies all the value except LB03=X because X is not present in the data. Because of which it shows previously selected set of values for the user because of cache i,e, LB03=C.

I am not able to find a way to overcome this issue, I have thought of many ways but couldn't succeed.

Request you all to suggest a way out of this.