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Hello Everyone, I need your help in formatting pivot table,

Hello Friends,

I am trying to make a Table for YTD,MTD,QTD using pivot table,

My designing portion included:

Dimension: Channel,

Expressions : PY sales,CYsales,vsPY% Sales,PY Quantity,CY Quantity,vsPY% Quantity,

So in this task i need to create table like as below in which i have again a calculated dimension which may be based on expressions like:

PY Sales, CYSales, vsPY%Sales comes under a common Dimension Sales, similarly,

PY Quantity,CY Quantity,vsPY% Quantity comes under a common Dimension Quantity

How can it be possible if we donot have these dimensions as a field in our data base and also all our expressions are calculated by some calculations, they are not direct Fields.

pivot formatting.png

Please Reply ASAP,

Thanks in Advance and Regards.

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Master III
Master III

Re: Hello Everyone, I need your help in formatting pivot table,

If possible give me a sample